Give a man a fish, and he will have food for a day.
Teach a man to fish, and he will have food for his whole life.
So instead of drawing the coping details on every plan you should learn how to add good coping and why you should add coping in the way described.


  • Like with everything, if you ride a ramp and like some things about that ramp, then measure it and try to learn why you like it that much. Then copy paste it to your ramp.
  • With coping you should use a steel tube, with a diameter between 5 cm and 8 cm. the standard is 6 cm, or 2 3/8" since you can find that size everywhere.
  • Try to get the whole coping in 1 piece.
  • On the deck you should also place a metal plate from 1 mm thick and about 15cm long. this will prevent you from destroying the deck from doing 50/50 grinds and pedal grinds.
  • The coping should stick out about 1cm above the deck, and also about 1 cm from your final layer.
  • The side of the coping will be supported by the deck, but you should add the highest 2 by 4 in the transition so that the coping will fit right.
  • when you layer the ramp, you should let about 5 cm stick out on the top, so you can later saw it to become flush with the coping.
  • Drill first a big hole that will allow you to pass with a screw-driver. and drill it at a 45 angle. this is so you won't flip over the bars when you are doing a pedal grind.
  • Inside the hole drill a smaller hole to let the screw fit.
  • place screws about every meter.