Ramp Deck

This deck is multi functional because you can add it to all the quarters and ramps. just adjust the height. you can also make it wider if you want. a nosetap tailwhip is possible on this deck, as long as you do the railing on the outher side. also make the back railing really strong if you are going to add some, so people can do icepick's and fufanu's on them. the 2 studs or poles from 10 x 10 cm are in the usa founf as 4 by 4 redwoods. you can make the longer, so you have to dig them a bit in the yard, and then fill the hole with cement.


  • 1 plates from 122 x 244 cm (4 by 8 feet) and 18mm (3/4 inch)
  • 1 stud from 15 x 8 cm and 244cm long
  • 14 studs from 5 x 10 cm (2 by 4's) and 240 cm (8 feet) long
  • 2 studs or poles from 10 x 10 cm (4 by 4's)
  • good wood screws (lots)
  • some good long bolts and nuts and washers


  • Start with the 2 studs from 234cm and attach the 114cm studs to the side.
  • Fill it up with studs every 25cm
  • attach the 15 x 8 cm stud to one side. attach it verry good.
  • flip the whole thing over, and place it on the plate
  • Now you need to add the redwoods. don't use screws, but drile some holes and bolt them, because they need to be able to support the riders on top of the ramp waiting there. they should be 10cm from the side, and make sure they are going strait up.
  • add the support 2 by 4's on the side and behind, as seen on the plan.
  • flip it over so the deck rests on the poles, and add the layer.
  • be happy, it's done.


  • download the template for autocad lite: here
  • download the template for autocad: here
  • download the template jpg screendump: here
  • download the 3d max file: comming soon
  • download the 3d file screendump: comming soon