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Why in the world would someone decide to call a trick a lawn mower? Just another trick that is a victim of the 80's. This trick is one of the easier ones to learn and holds some of the keys to doing time machines later on. The way you lean a bike and twist the bike in lawn mowers is repeated in dozens of tricks later on. Just get comfortable with this old school balance trick and five years from now think about how many tricks use what you learned.

  • Begin by rolling VERY slowly while standing on the back pegs.
  • Grab both brakes hard and do a small endo (about 3 inches)
  • When the back wheel comes to the ground put your right foot on the top of the rear tire and push the bike out to the right while pulling your body to the left.
  • Let go of the handlebars with your left hand and twist the handlebars 180 degrees (clockwise) at the same time. This is about 4 things that you do in about one-tenth of a second.
  • BALANCE- Try to push the bike out and as close to the ground as you can.
  • If you are leaning to close to the bike then you will fall towards the bike and won't be able to ride out. Therefore you have to be leaning away from the bike. Sooo.....
  • The bike will be offset by your weight VERY quickly and come back towards you. As it does untwist the handlebars and grab the left grip with your left hand.
  • Put your right foot on the pedal- step down- and ride away!

This is a VERY quick trick. The more you practice it the longer you will be able to hold the balance point of the trick. Don't be frustrated if you take a few weeks to learn this trick. It is not easy to learn.

Once you do have this version dialed try to kick your right foot between your left leg and the frame of the bike instead of putting it on the tire. This is a can-can lawn mower and is much more difficult. There are probably dozens of expert riders that can't do this! In can-can lawn mowers you can twist the bike WAY behind you and really contort your body if you get good at it. It is still very quick but looks really good.