6 feet mini ramp

Like the one on the intro page. still good for deck trixs, just a bit harder. but better to air out. just look how good people like nyquist can do flairs out of this kind of ramp. But i would suggest starting with x-up's.


  • 1 plate from 122 x 244 cm (4 by 8 feet) and 18mm (3/4 inch), and some left overs
  • 3 plates from 122 x 244 cm (4 by 8 feet) and 9 mm (3/8 inch)
  • about 22 studs from 5 x 10 cm (2 by 4's) and 244 cm (8 feet) long
  • good wood screws (lots)
  • 1 template plate


  • Start by drawing all the lines like on the plan, and also draw the curve (see template on how to) on the template.
  • saw the template
  • draw the template on the 18mm plate, and cut out the transitions.
  • add the 165cm stud on the end of the transition.
  • add a 224 cm stud on the down part of the transition.
  • the first 4 studs are 10 cm shorther than the others. they are placed on the down stud, for the last 2, you will have to use a bit of felt over 2 by 4 to make it fit better to the transition.
  • add the other studs about every 15 to 20 cm.
  • add the first layer, start at the same level as the first 2 by 4. you will need to place the 3th plate horizontal, because the first 2 aren't going to be long enough, you will only need half a plate, so use the rest on the other site.
  • thats it. add the coping, deck , your choise of top layer and flat bottom and start braking your bones. the smart ones will be wearing safety gear
  • super fun.


  • download the template for autocad lite: here
  • download the template for autocad: here
  • download the template jpg screendump: here
  • download the 3d max file: comming soon
  • download the 3d file screendump: comming soon